Welcome to Shoutout From The Pit, the recovery podcast for you and for us. Our podcast is a platform designed to help individuals currently working on their recovery journey and those seeking to begin their journey. We’re just people, working people for the most part dealing with our “stuff.” We address various labels but, in most cases, we believe labels are really just masks, or symptoms, to the real problem – Life’s “stuff.” Learning to deal with life, on life’s terms, is what matters. And, whew, that can be tough!

Our podcast hosts and guests are folks recovering from something and not necessarily just for the sake of recovering, but for the sake of living. We learn from one another, take what we’ve learned from others, and share how that’s helped us in our own journeys. We aim to be entertaining and informative, and our true goal is to help one another and you on a recovery journey so that we may all enjoy this life together.

Our contributors and guests remain anonymous unless they are representing a particular organization, or don’t care one way or the other, and we agree a shameless plug is in order. Anonymity, though, is paramount. Not just to protect ourselves from potential backlash but to exercise a form of humility. We want to avoid bringing attention to ourselves because we believe the podcast is about the message, not the messenger.

Are we faith-based? What does that really mean anyway? If you haven’t a faith of some kind, that’s your business. Many of us believe there is a higher power greater than ourselves and refer to our higher power as HP, God, Jesus, Buddha, or whatever. What we are not are faith-based critics or deniers. We reserve the right to talk about our faith but by no stretch of the imagination will we debate or push religion. You’ll hear a great deal about spirituality more than you will religion. It’s a journey, whatever works for you, works for you.

We realize a large part of our own recovery is doing for others without expectations. This platform allows us to do just that. Our contributions and contributors to the platform are, for the most part, anonymous. In some cases, we mention who our sponsors are in hopes that you will, in turn and where possible, support them. Remember, we’re just people, like you, dealing with life’s stuff.

Thank you for visiting Shoutout From The Pit. We hope you find our podcast informative, entertaining, and most importantly, helpful on your recovery journey.